Chris Farnham

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PDGA# 17686 Current Rating: 1003

Hometown: Tyler, TX
Bio: Married w/ 5 kids
Pipe welder

Home course: Lindsey Park, Tyler, TX

Throwing style: Right Hand Back Hand

Years Playing: 15 years

Favorite disc: Millenium QMS, Innova DX Aero
Favorite HB Disc: Mortar

Favorite course: Z-Boaz Park, Ft Worth TX

Favorite tournament:
Piney Woods Open, Tyler, TX

What’s in the bag?
1 DX Aero
2 Rocs (wood grain and 4x USDGC)
1 Champ Viper
2 Millennium QMS
1 Recon Mortar
1 Champ Monster
2 Augusta Wraiths
3 Champ Apes
2 Star Destroyers
2 Champ Boss

What is your strongest part of the game:
Long drive and the ability to scramble out outta just about anything.