Ghost Recon Mortar – Nick Hyde Memorial Bar Stamp


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Ghost Recon Mortars that are a fundraiser for the 2018 Nick Hyde Memorial. These feature the NHM barstamp we rolled out last year, and will be using yearly. These are extremely limited! Get them while you can. This is the first time ever Hyzerbomb has rolled out Ghost Recon plastic!

Mid-Range – Overstable
Plastic – Ghost (glow) Recon
Run – 1.4

TURN – 0
FADE – 3

High power throwers will love this midrange. It’s flat top profile makes it so reliable and predictable even in extreme wind conditions. This premium plastic with extra give feels great in the hand and allows for more control. Throw into a headwind and watch it hold the line and not turnover. What the pros are saying about the Mortar: “The mortar is a great option when looking for a midrange that will fight through a strong headwind. I like that I can count on it to come back even in a strong headwind.” — David Wiggins

Additional Information

Weight 8.5 oz
Dimensions 8.75 x 8.75 x .65 in