About Us


Established in 2011, HyzerBomb Discs has quickly grown into a major player in the disc golf scene. Recently turning heads with the release of a disc line, the Panzer, Tank, and Mortar dropped Fall of 2013 and quickly gained the spots in several players' arsenal.

Our fan favorite bag, the Flak, is a must-have for all disc golfers. Boasting a sleek design, this tour ready bag can carry 20 and even up to 35 discs. With all of that storage capability, the Flak will still save your back and keep you feeling great after a long day at the course.

We have teamed up with Millennium Discs to release special bags, discs, and present nation wide tournaments. Millennium has been a critical asset in helping HyzerBomb grow as a brand. In addition to the Millennium disc line, we hope to fill a few gaps and create a full line of discs players can depend on.

As a company, we truly want to thank all of our supporters and customers. You make HyzerBomb a reality and we would not be here without you.

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